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(356 questions), (194 questions) and (43 questions) are ambiguous. Sometimes they refer to friend classes/functions as in C++, sometimes to social networking "friends", and sometimes to other things entirely.

Questions are often paired with , or , implying it's referring to social networking friends, or with , , or , implying it's referring to friend classes/functions.

and are the only tags that I see as possibilities to retag some of these as. However, I think the distinction between these tags is not useful, but I don't have an idea for a single unambiguous tag name for this concept. I have no idea on how to retag the other questions.

How should these questions be retagged?

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Do they even need to be retagged? The combination of friend+facebook is unambiguous, as is friend+class and friend+function. –  Robert Harvey Jun 17 '12 at 3:51

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