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I am a registered user of StackOverflow, and I have an OpenID from my personal domain, http://id.jdlh.com/jdlh/ associated with the account. At my domain, I delegated OpenID provision to Google. My understanding, though, is that this delegation should be invisible to StackOverflow. They see only my own OpenID.

When I attempt to log in to Stack Overflow, and supply this OpenID, I get an expected page from Google asking me to log in. Then I get the following message from StackOverflow:


This login is new to Stack Overflow:


[Confirm and create new account] [Cancel]

Neither of these is what I want to do.

How can I persuade Stack Overflow to let me log in with my personal OpenID? I don't want to create a new account with a different OpenID, and then have to merge the two.

Did I supply the wrong OpenID? No, actually; when I do account recovery, using the email address registered with my StackOverflow account, I get a recovery message which repeats the same OpenID which I used in the first place.

I checked for duplicates of this question. Some seemed similar, but aren't duplicates:

For what it's worth, here's the URL of the Confirm page. I added line breaks for legibility. The URL has a lot of query parameters which seem to indicate that my personal OpenID URL is being acknowledged. But I don't understand all those parameters very deeply:

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Confirmed; no idea when this broke though, as I haven't tried delegating to Google for this in a while. Might be related to: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/96982/… – Shog9 Jun 17 '12 at 7:15
Could not reproduce with an OpenID delegated to LiveJournal; I logged out on SO and logged in, and the “my logins” popup showed that I had logged in with my personal domain rather than LJ. – Kevin Reid Jun 17 '12 at 13:30

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I am user188413, now logged in as myself, having worked around the problem.

I decided that Google didn't want to provide OpenID services properly to delegators like myself. In part I reached this conclusion from not finding any documentation where Google says it does want to provide OpenID services to delegators. In part it was based on a Stack Overflow reply where someone claims Yahoo doesn't provide OpenID services properly to delegators. If Yahoo! doesn't want to play, maybe Google doesn't either.

I created an account on the Stack Exchange OpenID provider. Then I commented out the entries in my HTML Head section which delegated to Google, and inserted the entries which delegate to https://openid.stackexchange.com/. Voila! I could log in to Stack Overflow with my own OpenID again.

I read some posts saying that the format of Google Local ID URLs changed with the advent of Google+. The old URLs used the domain name profiles.google.com, the post-Google+ URLs use plus.google.com. Simply changing the local_id link from old to new Google URL didn't fix this problem for me, though.

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