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Looking at your network profile, there is no number anywhere in your entire profile that has a sum of all your reputation across the network except for the flair page, which isn't always accurate because it's cached, and isn't exact because it rounds. Yet, there's so much empty space on the profile page.

My simple idea is to list the user's total reputation and badge counts below their Gravatar image like on any normal profile page across the network (keeping the rule of only accounts with over 200 reputation). It would make it incredibly easy to find and I wouldn't have to go search for myself on Area 51 to figure it out.

Example in not-so-professional looking red freehand text.

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By the way: You can also find your global reputation on your chat account. – Wrzlprmft Dec 2 '14 at 12:13
Now that you're inside the team, maybe give this some internal bump? :-) – Shadow Wizard Jun 29 at 11:55

I agree that the network profile should show the network totals -- the same way the chat profile already does. Whatever rules are used for tallying that up for the chat profile should be used for the network profile too, for consistency.

screen shot

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In my case it would not show a useful figure, I feel. I have more reputation on MSE than on any site that actually matters. Hence, the 34k on my flair really does not represent any useful number, I feel, while peeking in the actual list gives one a much better idea.

So: what about not only applying the 200 rep rule, but also exclude MSE? Maybe some others too?

(If I would be using flair, I would like MSE to be excluded from that too. The network profile is different though: others might see it when I am not promoting it myself.)

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I know I'm not in the majority, but I don't consider MSO reps necessarily any less valuable than reps on any other site. Granted, it's certainly possible to post relatively worthless stuff here and receive reps anyway, but it's not like you can't provide answers that require just as much effort as they would on other sites in the network. Then again, I have more Meta reps than all other reps combined, so perhaps I'm just biased. – Tim Stone Jun 17 '12 at 13:53
MSE might not matter to you but it does matter to others. It should not be excluded. – Monica Cellio Jan 13 '15 at 17:33

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