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featured questions

I see 313 featured questions but this is 314 in side there any problem with me or my account?

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I seriously doubt it is a problem with your account. It's probably just a caching inconsistency... it should correct itself soon enough.

You could always logout, clear your cache, and refresh to confirm that it isn't a problem with your account. (Or just open up an incognito window or something).

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In this case it's probably just caching, so: refresh.

However, from another answer I once wrote in Sorting order of featured questions:

There are actually two featured lists: one when viewing Top Questions, and another when viewing All Questions. Bounties with a (very?) negative vote count, are not shown on the first (the list will even shrink if there are few other active bounties), but will still show on the latter.

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thanks for your good reply but i can't mark all as correct answer. – Afshin Mehrabani Jun 17 '12 at 18:37

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