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This answer of mine was converted to a comment (we can argue about whether that was appropriate but I'll let that go):

Does C++ already have some kind of reflection?

The answer had -1 total votes; presumably that had previous impact of -10 on my rep. I'd expect that converting an answer to a comment would remove the reputation that went with the answer.

Yet my rep dropped by 6 points; I'd expect it to go up by 10. (I'd place a picture of my rep change here, if Vista would let me take a screen snapshot. Sigh). Here's a copy of my rep display via cut-and-paste.

14  today
+10     10 hours ago    upvote  Static code parser for Java source code to extract methods / comments
+10     11 hours ago    upvote  Good PHP Metric tools
-6  25 mins ago     removed     Does C++ already have some kind of reflection?
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The vote split was actually +1 / -2 which translates to +10 -4 = +6 reputation. Up-votes are worth +10, while down-votes are worth -2.

So when the post was removed you lost 6 reputation points - all perfectly legal and by design.

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OK, I understand this answer. What's confusing is the shown value on the answer is "-1". – Ira Baxter Jun 19 '12 at 12:14
@IraBaxter -1 is the net score. If you click on the number it splits into separate values for up and down votes (it's a privilege you get at 1,000 reputation) – ChrisF Jun 19 '12 at 12:16
yes, I know that :-{ must just be too early in the morning to do arithmetic, and convert-to-comment doesn't happen very often. – Ira Baxter Jun 19 '12 at 12:18

The -1 score can be explained by 1 upvote and two downvotes, which would have given you (10-2*2) = 6 reputation, that looks correct to me.

Upvotes on answers give -10 reputation, downvotes give -2 reputation. A single downvote will never result in a -10 reputation penalty as you write in your question.

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