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I think the so-questions with tag (176 questions) should be merged with tag (84 questions). Delete request of tag . (Both tags sound meta-ish to me but are in use, i.e. font-smoothing).

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1 Answer

I Disagree. If we were to use that approach, by the same token, all questions tagged iPhone and iPad, should be then retagged to iOS? The tags are different things for different purposes. F.X.:

Smooth approach to learning C

What would be a smooth approach for me to learn C, coming from an ActionScript background? I don't want a rough transition from what I'm used to, so maybe there is a book or resource out there for me?

Adding to that would completely change the meaning behind the question, and there for I wouldn't do this. There is a reason why people tag more often with nouns/adjectives rather than verbs, for example, has 875 questions, while has 747 questions.

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smooth is an adjective (somtimes an adverb, above, I think tagging for adverbs is very bad). message is a noun. –  r4. Jun 19 '12 at 15:02
@OlofEdler not necessarily true. According to dictionary.reference.com/browse/Smooth, smooth can also be a noun (look at #25). –  Richard J. Ross III Jun 19 '12 at 15:04
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