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The 2012 Election ended a few hours ago and the three available position were fill via the democratic process. Congratulations to the three new moderators: Brad Larson, George Stocker, and ThiefMaster! ...except there are four new moderators. This fourth moderator seems to have been "called up after the election to meet additional demand". But the election only finished a couple hours ago, what influx of demand has occurred in the last few hours?

Though jjnguy appears qualified, this appointment appears underhand. If there was a clear need for four moderators, why did the community not have the chance to elect four moderators?

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You're reading it wrong and the layout of the page is on marijuana – random Jun 19 '12 at 22:54
Aha... I see, thanks! – Sam Jun 19 '12 at 22:59
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jjnguy was called up after the last election.

He was the runner up, they needed more people, mostly democratic.

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The link under his name goes to the November 2011 election. He was called up afterwards to fill the spot Anna Lear had taken. She was hired as Community Manager after the election which left the 4th space open from that election.

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