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I am looking for a complete stackoverflow notifier. Complete means:

  • New questions arrived on our favorite tags
  • Reputation change
  • New badges
  • New comments etc.........

No problem, if it is a browser plugin (preferable, and preference to chrome, so that it can be used in windows and linux) or desktop notifier.

I have seen some notifiers, but all lacks some other features.

Some track new questions, but not reputation change or comments etc.

Some track comments etc,while not questions. That is why i am asking for a 'complete notifier'.

And why question notifier ? It is because my favorite tags (opencv etc) have less questions a day, so i prefer notifying me of a new question than i looking for a new question all the day.

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I am looking for such a tool too. That would be very handy. – Anar Nov 20 '13 at 12:05

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