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Is there any way to calculate how far somebody is from Reviewer badge using an SQL Query?

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Adding "Thanks" to the end of your post is considered unnecessary here. Addressing the post to "Sir" is incorrect and possibly rude since there will be many readers, some of whom are not male, and it is likewise unnecessary. Please do not rollback your post to re-instate those elements and remove the grammatical corrections that were made to it. – Josh Caswell Jun 20 '12 at 19:10
You may also be interested in the "People can edit my posts?!" section of the FAQ. – Josh Caswell Jun 20 '12 at 19:18
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You need to have Stunk & White badge to see review stats as shown by bluefeet.

See Strunk & White and Review Stats

Is there any way to calculate how far somebody is from Reviewer badge using any SQL Query?

And I don't think there is anyway to get review stats from data explorer.

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When you go the the review screen, the right side should display the stats:

enter image description here

You will see your stats once you have the Strunk & White Badge. Prior to getting the Strunk & White badge you should see how many posts you have edited on the right side of the review screen.

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