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Why not move all questions with the tag to tex.stackexchange.com?

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It looks like a lot of the newer questions that get asked with that tag do get migrated there. There's a lot of temporary placeholders that will eventually get auto-deleted. –  animuson Jun 22 '12 at 4:58
possible duplicate of Can SO questions on TeX be migrated to tex.SX? –  dmckee Jun 22 '12 at 13:31

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I would oppose a blanket migration of all question with a LaTeX tag.

The R statistical programming language includes both Sweave and knitr, which are reproducible research tools that allow for the embedding of R code within a LaTeX document. Questions on these topics regularly come up.

Those of us following the [r] tag often flag those questions to be migrated to tex.stackexchange.com when the answer is likely to involve only LaTeX. However, sometimes the solution involves a mix of the two (LaTeX + R code) or just R code.

Also, there are questions within the [r] tag that are about tools for exporting R output into LaTeX, that, again, are purely about the R language. (Like the xtable package or some functions in the HMisc package.)

Again, we try to be good about migrating questions where the solution will involve only LaTeX, but it is a useful tag to have around (for some).

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