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I'm trying to put "dir " in an inline code section, and `dir ` doesn't work. When I do this, the result looks like this: dir (no space at the end).

How can I put a space at the end of an inline code block?

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I wonder why you would need to? – Wesley Murch Jun 22 '12 at 14:02
So I can say, "type dir , then press tab", instead of "type dir, then press space, then press tab". – Jay Sullivan Jun 22 '12 at 14:10

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A trailing space in an inline code block is easily missed and will not make your explanation any clearer.

Using the example you stated in the comments above, I would rather say:

Type dir followed by spacetab

To back up my statement, consider the following: Type dir followed by tab.

Did you notice the space after dir? Yes, there is one there, inserted by wrapping the text within <code> instead of ` (which inadvertently answers your immediate question).

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I don't notice the space in that dir, no, because it's inside a quote block, and therefore the background is already gray. – Jay Sullivan Jun 22 '12 at 14:34
@notfed Removed from quote block. Still not very obvious :) – Shawn Chin Jun 22 '12 at 14:36
Thanks, I agree, I'll have to start using <kbd> more often as well. – Jay Sullivan Jun 22 '12 at 14:39

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