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(63 questions) seems very meta-ish. If it was up to me I would delete the tag.

Should undergo a cleanup or is it better to delete the tag?

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It's not meta-ish imo. Retagging [devtools][google-chrome] to [google-chrome-devtools] would not hurt though. – Rob W Jun 25 '12 at 13:37
If [devtools] is not meta-ish then what is. @Rob I would like you to show me a question please, in which [devtools] was well chosen as tag. – r4. Jun 25 '12 at 13:42
Actually, after filtering all webkit-devtools related questions, there are barely any questions left on which "devtools" is significant. [tools] is also included as a part of the Cleanup. "Devtools" is less generic than "tools", but still not a useful tag, I guess. – Rob W Jun 25 '12 at 13:48

A quick browse-through indicates that indicates:

  • Generic development tool requests for languages or techniques
  • Chrome devtools
  • R devtools
  • Android devtools
  • Indellij devtools
  • iPhone devtools
  • Using emacs with Erlang
  • Microsoft devtools/Visual Studio
  • Windows clipboard viewing for development
  • Java devtools
  • Git for development

, and more.

This seems to me like the perfect example of a meta-tag. Half the problem is that there's no tag wiki, so thus no concensus on what belongs there. With only 64 questions tagged, it's not clear that a more narrowly defined topic area would have enough questions to merit a tag. If the tag is defined broadly as "any tool for development," there's a conceptual problem, in that SO is a site to ask questions about code development. Isn't everything a devtool in some sense?

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