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This question was originally posted to Stack Overflow. It was then migrated to Computational Science, where it is off-topic. On 2012-06-27, the question was closed on Computational Science and remigrated to Computer Science instead (where it is on-topic, and it remained open).

However the migration is marked as rejected on Stack Overflow. The timeline shows that:

  • 12:36 Bill undeletes the migration stub, reopens the question, and migrates it to CS.
  • 16:47 The migration is rejected, even though nothing happened on CS.

I presume that the rejection at 16:47 is when the question was deleted from its first target site, Scicomp. This seems to have rewritten the history of the question to mark the May 28 closing as plain “off-topic”, while rejecting the latest migration.

Please ensure that rejecting a prior migration has no effect on the current migration.

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I've seen this happen with a Mathematica question before, too. At least it sounds similar. –  Anna Lear Jun 30 '12 at 17:04

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