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I was wondering, why is there a stackoverflow tag for TI-83 and TI-84, but there is no tag for the HP-48 or HP-49/50? I also found it odd that the 83 and 83+ are not separate. It would be better to have a 83 and 83+/84 tag, since the 84 is only a better 83+. (Source: Ticalc.org, "The TI-84 Plus is an upgrade to the TI-83 Plus", "[TI 83 Plus] is the 'base model' of the highly popular 83/84 Plus series")

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Tags are made when people use them. Apparently, people program on TIs more than HPs. –  simchona Jul 4 '12 at 4:55

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People have to ask questions concerning them in order for there to be a tag for them. Tags aren't just "created." They can't exist without questions under them. If you think that 83 and 83+ need separated, then you need to provide evidence and prove that 83 and 83+ are different enough to warrant it, as well that there are enough questions to separate into each tag.

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Looking at the two tags, there are only 4 questions tagged with ti-83, all of which are also tagged with ti-84, which has only 18 questions. –  animuson Jul 4 '12 at 5:08

In addition to animuson's answer, TI still sells the 83 and 84, HP doesn't sell the 48 or 49 any more. And I guess there's not the same user enthusiasm for the 50 as there was for the 41, 28, and 48...

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