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psql is the interactive command-line terminal of the RDBMS PostgreSQL. Those two are in no way synonymous. Postgres is a widely-used nickname for PostgreSQL, psql isn't.

There are a number of questions that explicitly deal with psql, not directly with PostgreSQL. Some examples:

Insert a database dump with ruby-pg
Shebang for psql
subprocess.popen and psql
How to switch databases in psql?
How to make psql completion with Windows?

Yet, a tag synonym has been approved on May 23 - created by a user that provided a total of 4 answers tagged .
I see no way to correct this mistake here or anywhere. Or at least to vote for it. I think such a feature would be generally well received.

For now it seems I need an admin to lend a hand?
It just encourages - nay forces! - incorrect use of terms. Can we please fix this?

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@Robert: Thanks for lending a hand. I have created a tag wiki and tagged a couple of typical posts to avoid confusion. – Erwin Brandstetter Jul 26 '12 at 14:21

For what I can find on the documentation:

psql -- PostgreSQL interactive terminal

Being the official description for psql:

psql is a terminal-based front-end to PostgreSQL. It enables you to type in queries interactively, issue them to PostgreSQL, and see the query results. Alternatively, input can be from a file. In addition, it provides a number of meta-commands and various shell-like features to facilitate writing scripts and automating a wide variety of tasks.

And one can also read about it on - What is psql.

misleading informations

At first glance if one does know about psql and doesn't dig further, the examples bellow may lead to the conclusion that "PostgreSQL" -> shorted to -> "Psql":

From Wikipedia the information may lead visitors to wrong conclusions:

PSQL can refer to:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Pervasive PSQL

Also from What is psql? - Yahoo! Answers a misleading information:

If you are referring to PSQL it is PostgreSQL. The first link gives more information.

A Google Search using a simple "what is psql ?" leads to this:

Google Print-Screen

I agree that this is a wrong tag synonym, and should be reversed.
Perhaps a proper tag wiki for the would help clarify the confusion.

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A proper tag wiki for psql certainly is in order. But I can't do anything about that, as long as it is registered as synonym for PostgreSQL. Catch 22 ... Also, I added psql on the Wikipedia disambiguation page for clarity. – Erwin Brandstetter Jul 19 '12 at 0:48

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