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This tag is pretty much a meta tag. Just from the question list, we see all sort of things that can be :

Nesting JQuery UI tabs in custom JQuery
C++ Nested class is producing undefined references to outer class
Nested and independent GIT repos, for Backup, how?
PHP - Nested Looping Trouble

A search on "nested" brings up quite a number of more specific "nested-XXX" tags that can be applied to many questions tagged .

Should this tag stay at all?

If it stays, then I think a good wiki should be written for it, so that people know to use other tags over this tag.

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It's not a pure meta tag, but it certainly does mean more than one thing depending on the context, which makes it a bad tag at the minimum. I'm not sure if it can be safely removed though... – Charles Jul 5 '12 at 16:12

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