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So, I have never actually made a gravatar account or changed my gravatar. I've always used the default icon I got when I created my SO account, because I liked it and didn't want to change it.

However, when I logged in today to SO it had changed! Which is strange, because I did nothing to change it. It is even more odd because it has not changed on any of the other SE sites I participate in--on meta, EL&U, and Area 51, it is still the same image as it was when I created my account. It looks just fine.

The only thing I can think of that happened recently is that I gained over 1k rep on SO yesterday. I don't see why that would have changed my gravatar, but it's the only thing that's recent and different from my other SE accounts.

Does anyone have any idea what happened?

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You don't have an email associated with your SO account. When no email is present, a hash of your ip address is used to generate the gravatar.

You must be browsing from a different ip, causing the change.

Your other accounts are unaffected because they have an email listed, so the ip isn't being considered.

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Thank you! That fixed it :) Have to wait 9 minutes to accept, but then I will. Thanks! – WendiKidd Jul 8 '12 at 18:58

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