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The newsletters for beta sites don't match the main theme of the beta sites. For example, compare the beta site theme and the beta site newsletter.

Beta Site Theme Look at those curves...

Beta Site Newsletter It's all blocky... Like Stack Overflow...

So to remedy this terrible situation, I propose a beta newsletter that is more in sync with the beta site. Something similar to this.

Proposed Beta Site Newsletter That's better!

If you noticed, I also removed the x votes text as it clutters the screen forcing the user descriptions onto two lines most of the time. It also provides no useful information for a user who is reading these questions. I don't need vote statistics to tell me this question is a good one. That is the point of the newsletter, to choose the good questions for me.

Additional Information

Just for the designers I applied a border radius of 15 pixels to table table (CSS selector) and to the tags.


I just got the newsletter for Raspberry Pi today and nothing has changed. I would love it if I could get a comment with a status update of some sorts. Maybe have this retagged as , , or .

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