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This question got sort of halfway to answering my question, but there have been a lot of changes to the Stack Exchange network in the past 2 years and some of the links referred to in there no longer work. Basically I want a place to ask questions like, say, "What remote should I buy if I have components x, y, z? or "How do I optimize my living room setup?" Does Stack Exchange have a site for that?

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There is no such site yet, but Home Theater is a proposed site on area 51, so if this important to you, commit to it...

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HT is dead. Long live HT&A. – Cees Timmerman May 21 '14 at 17:41
@CeesTimmerman HT&A is also dead :/ – Shokhet Jul 31 '15 at 21:53
Both deleted. Utterly useless. Come on, StackExchange... – MGOwen Apr 4 at 2:43
@MGOwen - sites fail because they don't have a community behind them. – Oded Apr 4 at 10:20
That's fine: if a niche is too small, we don't need a separate site for it. But, obviously, we still need a place to ask and answer those questions. Right now, home theatre questions are deleted as off-topic from every stackexchange site, and the proposal to have a home theatre site has been deleted. That's pretty useless, if you think about it. – MGOwen Apr 5 at 2:16

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