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I noticed that there are both and tags on this site, both of which primarily appear to be addressing the same thing - Windows batch files.

The description for says:

is predominantly used for Windows batch file questions. However, every now and then a question related to SQL and batch

For it says:

is (hopefully) solely used for Windows batch file questions. Batch files are scripts executed by the Windows

It seems to me these tags should be merged, or a synonym created. As it is, I really can't tell which tag I should be using for batch file questions - or if I should use both. Why do they remain as separate tags? Could they be combined?

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No, I disagree. While the use of batch in a SQL context may be rare on SO right now, it is still useful. I think it is less useful to have both batch and batch-file refer only to batch files on Windows. –  Aaron Bertrand Jul 17 '12 at 20:15

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I say burninate batch altogether. If there needs to be an SQL batch tag, then it needs its own tag. A tag should not name 2 completely separate concepts.

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