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Can anybody give me a brief introduction to the Stack Overflow flag system?

  • How much reputation does a user need to flag a question or answer?

  • How do flags get reviewed?

  • Who can review flagged questions and answers?

  • If the flagged post is valid, but numerous users have flagged it, what action(s) do moderators take?

  • How many flags are needed for a stupid answer or question to be deleted?

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Your questions are answered on the following two privileges sub-sections:

  1. Flag Posts

What happens when I flag something Offensive or Spam?

The offensive and spam flags are designed to automatically eliminate truly offensive posts through the collaboration of the community.

3 flags -- post is banished from the front page. 6 flags -- post is locked, deleted, and the owner loses 100 reputation. Users with the Moderator Tools privilege can see how many offensive flags a post has accrued, and may opt to flag it themselves.

What happens when I flag something Requires Moderator Attention?

You'll be required to enter a comment briefly explaining what the problem is. After that, these moderator flags go in a special high priority queue visible to all moderators. We take moderator flags quite seriously; rest assured that they are all followed up on!

  1. Moderator Tools

When should I act on vote-to-close and vote-to-delete flags?


These flags will appear on the list of flagged posts in your moderator tools. You will not be able to see who cast each flag, however. ...

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