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This same question was asked in late 2010 and, still, the SAME problem persists.

There was some debate on this question, but the solution proposed simply did not bring any improvement.

Ruby tagging is a mess. Everyone indiscriminately tag "ruby" and "ruby-on-rails" on almost every Rails question. Sometimes, even the other way around.

Most of the times, people won't bother about correctly tagging version-specific or version-indifferent questions. It's very common to see even experienced users to tag "ruby-on-rails", "ruby-on-rails-3" and "ruby" on a simple, version-unaware Rails question.

Tagging is clear in both Rails and Ruby tag wikis, but, apparently, no one reads it. I've tried editing a few questions, correcting tags. But to no use. They just keep coming.

TO any rubyist who does NOT code Rails apps, it is just plainly painful to try to answer Ruby questions on a really Rails-flooded ruby-tagged page.

How can this be solved?

Thank you!

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My first reaction to your title was to provide links to some of the many duplicates, but you're obviously already aware that they exist. What do you hope to achieve with this question that the earlier posts couldn't/didn't? Do you have a proposal for how to fix the problem? There's nothing wrong with this post, but I feel like if you're not bringing anything new to the table, you're probably going to get the same old result. –  Pops Jul 19 '12 at 16:32
I feel the previous questions did not really show a reason for discontentment, as they presented the problem but did not explicitly tell how damn annoying it is find pure ruby questions. Also, I tried bumping one of the questions and simply got no answers. So I thought it would be worth bringing this question up again, as the problem persists. I don't know really how to solve this. A forum-like approach would be sticking a question that explicits this matter, but I guess it would be REALLY un-stack overflow-ish. –  André Santos de Medeiros Jul 19 '12 at 16:38

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