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Possible Duplicate:
Gender, Representativeness and Reputation in StackOverflow

I've seen an advertisement in one of developer communities to help a certain research.
When I went to a page, there's a questionnaire, and the required(*) fields were SO account ID and other sensitive info.
WARNING: if you follow the page, don't enter your private information there unless this issue clarified! here's the link: Gender, Representativeness and Reputation in StackOverflow

I just googled for the user profiles (one, two, three) and it seemed these people have no relation to SO community. It's rather silly to be committed to a community participating there for only four days. :)

I found no relevant Q @Meta.


  1. Are they anyhow affiliated with SO?
  2. Is it safe to enter private info in conjunction with SO profile?
  3. If it's a fraud, what steps SO community can take to prevent it?
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Those people have posted a request on Meta Stack Overflow asking for community input for a research of theirs. Here:

Gender, Representativeness and Reputation in Stack Overflow

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