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How can I search for Q&A in stackoverflow.com on the iPhone? It does not work as it does in my browser on the PC (Windows/IT).

There is a textbox visible when I open up the menu bar (1st line of the screen), but when I enter search texts it doesn't filter by the keywords.

The iPhone generally shows the pages in Safari nicely and I can answer questions, only search does not work.

On the PC, the search is triggered automatically - which is not the case on the iPhone. Maybe a "Search" button on the website could be added to trigger the search manually (but this would be a task for the website developers) ?

Does anyone know a solution (without the need to change the website) ?

Update: I've tried to use http://www.stackoverflow.com/search instead (as a workaround), which I've saved as a bookmark. But this is not quite the same functionality, as it seems to be rather a meta-search than a site-internal search (because the textbox in the top-line does also not work here).

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The search is not triggered automatically, it reacts to hitting Return. As far as I know, this can be achieved by double-tapping. – Time Traveling Bobby Jul 23 '12 at 9:12
Double-tapping doesn't work. I've started a bounty, hopefully there'll be a solution for this issue. – Matt Aug 6 '12 at 14:31

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I have found a solution for searching on the iPhone:

  1. Click on the triangle icon to drop down the stackoverflow menu bar: menu bar

  2. Enter the search text in the text box below the menu bar:

    search textbox

  3. Click on the GO button of the Safari browser (note that this button might have a different label depending on the language you've set up for your iPhone):

    safari go button

This will reload the page filtered by the keywords you have typed before.

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