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The privileges page about established users in Ask Ubuntu reads like this:

An expanded usercard is only available if you have have at least 28 characters in their "About Me" section of their profile.

However, I found a quirky bug today when I noted an usercard of an user expand even when he had 0 characters in his "About me" section.

enter image description here

It even has a drop shadow effect on the avatar as if the usercard was supposed to expand on mouseover.

enter image description here

I used this question for checking the bug:

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That user has 28 characters in the About Me section.

Showing the profile page with blanks selected...sorry for the Windows XP...I apologize sincerely!

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I knew it. I was about to write this in a comment! – Ozair Kafray Jul 24 '12 at 8:46

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