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Clicking "edit" for a specific revision on the mobile theme, gets one the expected revision and an edit screen with a dropdown to select another revision. Good. However, selecting another revision on that edit screen has no effect; while on the regular site the page reloads with a different URL, on mobile nothing happens.


Chrome remote debugging does not show any error. It seems that

<select id="revisions-list" name="revisions-list" tabindex="99">

...has no handler on mobile, while on the regular sites the page itself defines:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {        
        $("#revisions-list").change(function() {
          window.location = '/posts/140020/edit/' + $(this).val();

Tested on both the stock Android 4.1 browser, Chrome on Android 4.1, and Safari on iOS 4.3.3. Same results when using the mobile theme in a regular desktop browser.

As an aside, clicking "edit" on mobile always gets me the edit screen with the revision dropdown, even when clicking "edit" or "improve" below a post. I assume that this is by design. (It's just like when not using inline editing on the regular site, like when one has JavaScript disabled.)

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A fix for this will go out in the next build.

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