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I just saw this question: I made a little math benchmark in C, Clojure, Python, Ruby, Scala and some others. And I want to ask an advice

and currently it ends with:

Request to moderators:

(This is a third party edit) This question will be obviously closed because it does not fit SO's target for questions (it's already being voted for closure). Could any moderator move it to "Programmers" instead of just closing it? Thanks!

I didn't specifically think this question needed closing until I read this, so this seems kinda a self-fulfilling profecy.

Personally I don't think this belongs in the question: a remark to a moderator should go in a flag, and everyone should make up their own minds about if something needs to be closed. You might want to put something in a comment if something needs discussing on a meta level (though I guess meta is better for that, I mean the name and all), but putting it in the question seems wrong.

I didn't want to go all edit-war on this because I'm not sure about how what where.. thoughts? should we discurage (and so remove) edits or remarks like these?

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About the question itself: I kinda think that it's ok for SO, but that's not really the issue for me :) – Nanne Jul 25 '12 at 7:00
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The only text in the question box should be that pertaining to the question itself. Anything else is just a distraction and misuse of features. Cleaning up a question is a pre-requisite for any migration, so it can't (or shouldn't) migrate with a message like that in it. In a month's time seeing that there is going to look odd wherever the question ends up.

There is a comment box for comments (e.g. clarification, suggestions etc.). There is a flag box for alerting moderators.

On a related note I also dislike edits that insert things like **EDIT:**. Edits should modify the question in a way that makes sense, the edits can be viewed from the revision history. The "edit summary" field can be used to summarise edits.

I took the liberty to make these edits (and improve the title) on this question - I don't think there's anything controversial here about keeping a question a question and an answer an answer. I've also raised a flag pointing to the message in the edit I removed. I'm not sure what a moderator will do based on that though, but it avoids the possibility of being accused of "losing" something important.

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