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I'm not able to get the list of unanswered Tags after clicking on the Unanswered question all what I'm getting is a List of unanswered question with random tags and I can't specify question with a desired tag.

what I'm getting now: No Tags at the right!! enter image description here

how things work in the past: enter image description here

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This seems to still be here, albeit perhaps by a different route; if you click on a tag you're interested in seeing unanswered questions for:

enter image description here

and then, on the new page, click the 'unanswered' tab, you should get a list of unanswered questions within that tag:

enter image description here

To then filter that list to those including other tags in which you're interested, in my case, scroll down and click on that tag:

enter image description here

Which will then, obviously I suppose, show unanswered questions from both the and tags (in my example, anyway):

enter image description here

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yes it's working like this. I also get it work now with the usual way I think this is do to a bug cache – K_Anas Jul 25 '12 at 18:28

This is a Cache bug, I get all think right after waiting a little more and refreshing the web page.

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