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I came across a few tags that need merging (and have too many questions to retag manually):

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I'm proceeding judiciously here. That said.

Here are my thoughts on the others:

  • and could probably be merged, but I'm not sure if should be in there, as it's it could be the input type on an HTML form (which I know, plays a part in form submission as well)

  • does need sorting out. Generally, I think removing this and replacing it (if possible) on questions which have better tags should be performed

  • I don't have a major problem with replacing with , (or something else better-suited), but isn't a horrible offender, right now.

  • , and need to be looked at more to see what they're really trying to get at. If the question is about advertising in general, then I propose removing the tag, voting to close (if you have the ability to) and flagging for moderator attention to be closed as Off Topic. I'd like to see more specific tagging around all three of these (or whatever they are decided to be merged into)

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