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How do I sort the questions by the number of views?

Is it possible to create/obtain a list of stackoverflow questions having the most views for a given tag? I know it is possible to get a list with most votes, but that is not the same thing. Thanks.

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You can get a list of questions using a tag, and with a minimum number of views, for example with [maven] views:10000. It doesn't allow you to sort the answers by the number of views, and it doesn't allow you to set a range, though.

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Good enough, I can live without the sorting. Thanks. – JVerstry Jul 27 '12 at 15:02

You should be able to get that information from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer.

That site let's you run arbitrary queries against a monthly-updated data-dump of Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange websites, and view counts are included in that dump.

Example query:

select top 25 id as [Post Link], viewcount, tags, creationdate
from posts
where tags like '%<python>%'
order by viewcount desc

gives the 25 most viewed posts with .

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