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Being primarily a SO user, I haven't experienced community wiki that much before, hence it never got me thinking. But since those times are gone now, there's something about CW that just doesn't add up and I can't figure out (or find) why:

  • do we keep reputation gained before CW-conversion, yet stop gaining any new
  • ... at the same time, we lose all the points accumulated towards the tags of the question
  • ... and, surprisingly we're still allowed to gain badges for CW-converted questions/answers (even tho it might be result of "community effort")

I started thinking what is the rationale behind that (and why is it so inconsistent and counter-intuitive) and all I could come up with was "wat?".

Question is - why does it have to be so confusing for the user? Why is reputation kept (just as if we were being told "This was fairly earned reputation you got there, we let you keep it") while at the same time tag-points for that reputation are not (apparently not as fairly gained). Why can we still gain badges, but not rep (looks almost like comforting "CW is not that bad, you can still get something - just not the rep!"). Why should we gain anything at all for possibly a community effort?

Shouldn't the system be simple? CW kicks in, you either:

  • keep all you had, yet stop gaining anything new
  • lose all you had and not gain anything new
  • no change to how non-cw question/answer would work

Am I missing something obvious?

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CW was broken to begin with, and has been abused in every way it could. Now it's more of a relic of the past than something useful... – Yannis Jul 27 '12 at 1:04
@Yannis Rizos: Bingo! 1000% correct. – Jim G. Jul 27 '12 at 2:22
CW seems to have always been a solution in search of a problem; the "problem" it did solve (questions without answers) were determined to be really bad for the network and thus CW has pretty much died. It has a couple odd uses (allowing people to edit your meta posts without enough rep for one) but that's about it – Ben Brocka Jul 27 '12 at 11:49

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