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I am trying to interpret the "Total Reputation" counts on the StackOverflow leagues page:

Screenshot of total reputation counts

Because the amounts in the Total Rep column end with '+', does that mean that users with high reputation get counted in each tier they qualify for, or just the highest one?

For example, does a user with 45k reputation get counted as (1+, 200+, 500+, 1000+, 2000+, 3000+, 5000+, 10000+, 25000+) or just (25000+)?

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You can answer this yourself: look at the rank of the persons closest to 50k rep and 100k. Hint: it's about 230 and 68 resp. – Mat Jul 29 '12 at 14:43

Thanks to Mat for the suggestion. I was able to confirm that users ARE "double-counted" in this way.

To verify this, look at the individual users. The users with at least 100k rep go until #68 (jalf at the time of this post). The user in position #69* (OMG Ponies) has less than 100k (99,630). So far, we've confirmed that the count of 68 for 100k users is correct.

  • If users ARE being double-counted (i.e., the 230 users with 50k+ rep also includes the 68 users with 100k+ rep), then we would expect user #230 to be the last user with 50k or more reputation.
  • If users are NOT being double-counted (i.e., there are 230 users with 50k+ rep, NOT including the 68 users with 100k+ rep), then the last user with 50k or more rep should be in position #298.

If we check the rankings, the user in position #230 (chaos) is in fact the last user with 50k+ rep (again, as of the time of this post). #231 (Pablo Santa Cruz) has only 49,855.

So users are counted in every tier that they qualify for under Total Reputation counts.

* (snicker)

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I can't claim my brain is able to follow this. Maybe because it is sunday. Blindly +1ing anyway! – Pëkka Jul 29 '12 at 15:12
Note that the leagues are updated only once a day, so the count being a couple of users off after the day is a couple of hours old is expected. – Daniel Fischer Jul 29 '12 at 15:56
This is correct. A user with over 100k rep is counted in every bucket. – Emmett Jul 30 '12 at 18:40

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