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I have started reviewing edits and find myself clicking on improve quite a lot.

Occasionally, an editor changes the the meaning of the original author, but once I am on the improving page, I can no longer see which parts have been edited.

To see that again, I have found that I can only do that by cancelling the edit, duplicate the window, and then start improving again. (Ctrl-clicking back will show a different suggested edit to review)

Another scenario is, that I need to go look at comments to check whether what has been edited in came from there, which is when I'm in need of a link back to the original question.

Here are some ideas:

  • Add a link back to the original post
  • Add a link to the diff between the suggested edit and the post
  • Add a live diff between original/suggested/revised

What do you think?

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Use your tabbed browsing. :) It's a bit of a pain, but it works. – jmort253 Aug 4 '12 at 21:41


Click the Show diffs heading to show and hide the diffs:

enter image description here

The diffs appear like this:

enter image description here

enter image description here


Here's a short GreaseMonkey script that adds the diffs to the top of the improvement editor. I've never written an addon/extension but I bet this could be adapted into one.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        reviewhelp
// @namespace
// @include     **
// @version     1
// @require
// ==/UserScript==

$(document).on("click", '[value=Improve]', function() {
    if ($('.full-diff').length) {
        var table = $('<div/>').append($('.full-diff').clone()).hide();
        $('.editing-review-content').ajaxComplete(function() {
            var heading = $("<div><a href='#'><h2>Show diffs</h2></a></div>");
            heading.toggle(function() {
                $('h2', this).text('Hide diffs');
                $('a', this).css("color", "orange");
            }, function() {
                $('h2', this).text('Show diffs');
                $('a', this).css("color", "");
            heading.hover(function() {
                $('a', this).css("color", "orange")
            }, function() {
                if ($('h2', this).text() == 'Show diffs') $('a', this).css("color", "")
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