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Possible Duplicate:
Allow us to filter Suggested Edits and Review section by tag

In Review beta, sometimes I get thrown posts from tags that I have close to zero experience with. In general, I can tell if the post contributes to the site or not. In some circumstances - due to my unfamiliarity with the source material - I can't tell whether or not the post should be removed/edited/left alone.

It would be helpful if the system let me review by tag, or at least set tag preferences so I got tags I'm familiar with first. I can definitely be much more helpful reviewing [ios] or [objective-c] tagged questions than [ajax].

This is especially important because Review is a voluntary I-like-stack-overflow-so-I'll-try-to-help-make-it-better task. The more quickly & easily I/other-less-important-people can get through material the more I feel like I'm helping. And that warm, fuzzy feeling is what it's all about ;)

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I agree! I'd love to have the 'filter by tags' ability that existed in the old review system! – Boriana Sep 17 '12 at 21:23
I frequent one of the less popular tags on SO, but the first question in the "Review First Posts" queue is much too frequently in my favourite tag for me to believe it was random. I think they're doing this already in some way. – AndrewC Sep 26 '12 at 1:01

Review by tag would be an easy way to close posts in our area of expertise (I don't even know for sure what [wpf] is but I'm at ease with [CSS] posts).

It would then be:

  • faster,
  • less prone to errors,
  • more interesting for reviewers,
  • possible to spot that [ubuntu] and alike are huge candidates to closing (isn't it?),

As for setting tag preferences, an easy way would be to use the already existing system of Favorite tags (and avoid Ignore tags, obviously).

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