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At the moment I'm working on a little project that makes some atypical use of jQuery Deferreds & Promises. Because some things I'm doing are not really typical I've run into a few quirks. In investigating these quirks I have come to learn that "deferreds" have been implemented several times in JavaScript before and after Jquery, and that the concept goes back to the 1970s in other languages, also by the name "futures".

As the various implementations of deferred in the various JavaScript frameworks and libraries have subtle and not-so-subtle different quirks and variations, I'll soon want to ask some questions about these differences.

OK so deferreds and futures are just one example of a feature with multiple implementations. It seems a natural type of question to compare such implementations here on StackOverflow. So how should I tag them?

For comparisons between two implementations I could just tag the name of each implementation, but what about when comparing several?

You might say "But that would be a meta tag and meta tags are bad." Well that's one way to look at it, but actually it's very similar to why tags such as and and are used.

Is there a good tag for comparing implementations? If not what would be a good name for such a tag?

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