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I have just voted to migrate PHP unlink() deleting file user has no permission to to ServerFault because it seems to me that this is where it belongs, based on the comment exchange on the question.

Now I have done this, does this appear in the flags list under "tools"?

When I'm flicking through this list I often see off topic; belongs on xxx flags that have been raised, but are these questions that have been flagged by users that do not have enough rep to cast a proper close vote (I can't even remember if I had the option when I didn't have enough rep?), or does it also include "proper" close/migrate votes?

It seems a little silly if not - users would potentially have to wait a long time for enough users with enough rep to visit the question and also cast a close vote. Which may not even happen at all, ever, if the question does not get enough hits.

This is almost definitely a dupe, but I can't find it and I just haven't had enough downvotes recently. Let the downvoting commence... :-P

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There's a "close" tab in the 10k tools. I don't think the flags queue lists proper close votes. – Mat Aug 8 '12 at 10:15
Aha. So there is. Never even noticed it. And if I've not noticed it, chances are others haven't either, which still leaves the users would potentially have to wait a long time... issue at the forefront. I'm not going to add a new feature request to make these more obvious because that would just be counter productive - but I do still feel some benefit could be gained by rearranging that tab layout, it's not immediately apparent how it works. To me, anyway. But then I am basically a gibbering idiot (PHP developer). – David X. Random Aug 8 '12 at 10:19

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