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Here on the beach in Romania there is some WIFI access but it's pretty flaky.

Sometimes I load a SO/SE page and in the time it takes to read it I lose the connection, which I find out when I click to vote on a question, answer, or comment.

But there is an inconsistency!

If a vote on a comment fails I get a warning box that something went wrong and the vote is reverted in the user interface.

But if a vote on a post (question or answer) fails I only get the warning box. The interface still reflects the vote even though it didn't actually go through!

This is particularly bad when you have a bunch of tabs open, which is a good way to use a browser when the connection is intermittent. Because when you switch back to a tab with a failed vote to a post it looks like it succeeded so you won't know you need to vote again... But for votes on comments you will always see which votes registered.

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