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There are two different privileges to Create chat rooms and to Create gallery chat rooms.

  • What's difference between these two different types of chat rooms?
  • Can a simple chat room be converted into a gallery chat room?
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@Bart: Is there any differentiation to identify chat room is gallery chat room or not? Does simple chat room is only based on invite? – Somnath Muluk Aug 9 '12 at 11:39
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Your first question is simply answered by your second link (emphasis mine)

"Chat rooms are typically public and open to all. A gallery chat room allows anyone to enter, but only specific users may talk in the room, as determined by the room owner."

You can identify whether or not a chat room is a gallery chat room by a small lock icon in the upper left hand corner such as indicated below.

enter image description here

Moderators and chat room owners are able to change the chat room type.

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Mods can change room types, btw – Sathya Aug 9 '12 at 11:46
You crazy mods and your priviliges. Mod-only option then? – Bart Aug 9 '12 at 11:47
@Sathya: Does room owner can't change room type? If yes, how? If No, why? – Somnath Muluk Aug 9 '12 at 11:51
I believe room owners can also flip the switch from the access tab of Room info screen // @SomnathMuluk – Sathya Aug 9 '12 at 11:54
@Sathya: Yes. I got location. In access tab of info of chat room, there is option for changing room to gallery room. – Somnath Muluk Aug 9 '12 at 11:57

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