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I can search for my own answers using user:me is:answer and I can search for closed questions using closed:1 but can I search for my answers to closed questions?

Put another way can I search for any closed questions which I have answered?

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AFAIK, that is not possible using /search.

is:answer will limit results to only answers; closed:1 applies only to questions. The result sets for both filters are therefore mutually exclusive which means we can never get an intersection.

To achieve what you want, the results of user:me is:answer needs to be filtered based on the status of the questions they are linked to. I don't think such join operations are supported by the search.

Sounds like a job for SEDE.

I'm not familiar with SEDE, but here's a query I hacked together by copying bits from existing queries: Query my answers to closed questions (you can change the user id and site to suit your needs).

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Thanks. Sadly my site (Mathematica) is not on Data Explorer yet but I'll gladly try this when it is. – Mr.Wizard Sep 26 '12 at 9:22
Mathematica.SE has been added to the Data Explorer and your query works. Thanks again! – Mr.Wizard Nov 19 '12 at 7:27

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