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Following the How do you create tag synonyms?, I'm creating a tag synonym proposal for : .

There is 10 questions tagged with . All of them are talking about , and many questions are tagged with both and .

The project page is titled "Software/pkg-config", so it is a natural choice to keep as a tag and have as a synonym.

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1 Answer

I generally don't like to create synonyms for tags that are so low in number. Instead, I've manually retagged the 10 that were previously to .

Now, the auto-complete should lead people to the new, hyphenated tag. If we find that people are consistently putting in , then we'll create the synonym.

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Given that people won't be able to pick pkgconfig once the hyphenated one is the only one that exists, I don't think that a synonym will ever really be needed here. –  Charles Aug 19 '12 at 2:08
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