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Possible Duplicate:
After improved a suggested-edit, you are redirected to the question, not back to review tasks

I'm running into some pretty nasty site-breaking issues with Internet Explorer 10 and Stack Overflow.

  • While reviewing edits, I opted to "Improve" an edit. After making my changes and clicking "Save Edit", I was first prompted that I had an edit in progress, and did I want to "Stay on the page" or "Leave the page". When I chose to leave the page, I given an error message by Stack Overflow that user xxxxx has already edited this post, where xxxxx was the user who suggested the edit that I was improving. Then, opting to save the edit again, I'm presented with spam protection because I was too quick on the "edits".

  • While editing a post I found on my own, another user edited and saved the post before I finished. I was given the message that "an edit has been made to this post", much as I would expect to see if I were just looking at the post. When I clicked the message, the edit textarea was gone and the edited post was shown. After trying to reload or navigate away, I was presented with a dialog that an edit was in progress, and did I want to stay on the page or leave the page.

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Yes, just before few minutes, i saw this on google chrome. First i thought it was my slow connection problem. – Lucifer Aug 21 '12 at 5:41
These seem annoying, but hardly "site-breaking." Are they happening for you only with IE 10, or is that just the only browser you tried? – Pops Aug 21 '12 at 15:08
@Popular I'd consider losing an edit with no way of retrieving it as site-breaking, yes. As for reproducibility, I only just noticed it under IE10. Under Chrome, I do see the "Leave this page" prompt when saving an edit via improving a post, but I was not informed that an edit had already been made by the user who originally suggested the edit and asked to confirm writing over a newer edit. To really test the second point, I'd need to find a post that someone else could edit while I was editing, which would require some coordination, unless I get lucky. – saluce Aug 21 '12 at 16:45
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There was a bug in the improve / edit code that we found and killed related to improving a suggested edit. Let us know if you continue to have issues.

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