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Is there a place where I can see all the ads listed in SO?

When I was reading a question, I liked an ad, then quickly hit the back button. When I hit the forward button, the ad had changed.

Is there a way I can see the ads for a given tag or something?

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This is a fantastic feature request. Double-plus-good – Josh Hunt Aug 14 '09 at 11:15
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It's starting to sound like Jeff & Co. need to build an ad gallery.

Then you could put more ads in the gallery! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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1. Build ad gallery. 2. Profit! – Brad Gilbert Aug 14 '09 at 14:59
This would be very beneficial... – RSolberg Oct 1 '09 at 3:21
@Brad Gilbert:… Now, how do I profit? – perbert Jan 31 '10 at 8:18
Any idea why @perbert's link was deleted? – ripper234 Feb 10 '11 at 13:31
Ha. The above 'ad gallery' link is dead. Only Stackoverflow would remove a page that showcases their advertisers to people that actually want to see ads. So disrespectful to the advertisers that paid you. – AJB Aug 20 '13 at 3:29

You could always refresh a whole bunch of times to see that ad... I'm kidding, please don't do that ;-)

But, we were thinking of putting together a "sponsor gallery" of sorts that listed out all of the sponsors with a brief description. Kinda in the vein of what we have on the every-now-and-then sponsor appreciation posts at TDWTF:,-Emptiness,-Empty-Support--More.aspx

There are some pretty cool companies that sponsor the sites.

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If you weren't aware, this guy is actually the Ad Manager (or whatever you want to call him) for SO/SF/SU – Tom Ritter Aug 14 '09 at 13:19
Ahh... I knew i'd seen that name somewhere before! – Shog9 Aug 14 '09 at 14:43
@Tom, I actually prefer "Ad Sultan". Though, for some reason, "the ad guy" has stuck. – Alex Papadimoulis Aug 15 '09 at 18:00

My greatest pet peeve about online advertisement is relevance - I'm not interested in 99.9 percent
of the ads I see (although the relevance is a bit higher on the trilogy, IMO).

My second greatest pet peeve is that I can't get back to the 0.1 percent of ads I'm interested in, because I already clicked a link or hit the back button, and I happened to see one out of the corner of my eye while the browser was refreshing.


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I'll take this as another "ping" to get the sponsor gallery going:… – Alex Papadimoulis Oct 1 '09 at 4:10

You could visit the Unofficial Meta Stack Overflow Stack Overflow Ad Gallery. If it's not there, it would be greatly appreciated if you could add it at a later time.

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Dead link now; has the post moved or is the list completely dead? – sarnold Mar 20 '12 at 3:44
@sarnold: deleted by Jeff Atwood♦ Jan 28 '11 at 6:58. There seems to have been a big change in the ad serving server, so most, if not all, the images linked ceased to work. – perbert Apr 9 '12 at 18:09

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