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This is happening to me in IE8 (not able to test in any other browsers at this time).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to user profile (any user, confirmed on self and other users)
  2. Go to activity tab
  3. View either "reviews" or "suggestions" sub-tab
  4. Click on any of the action links ("close", "suggested edit", etc; not post title) to view the activity
  5. Page loads with URL ending in /{post_id}, redirects to URL ending in /{post_id}#./{post_id}?&_suid={suid}
  6. Browser navigation back hits /{post_id}, redirects to current page. It's a trap!

It's a bit of a pain not being able to use the back feature (although this is not quite as annoying as Google capturing Backspace, focusing on the search bar, and changing the search results rather than going back).

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I can't repro with FF 14.0.1...

But I can with IE7 (I know it's old and unsupported here, but it's what I've got at work).

For the record, in FF, the redirect link is simply /{post_id} (doesn't redirect), not the full /{post_id}#./{post_id}?&_suid={suid}.

FYI, Jim, I can get back by double-clicking the back button to trigger the action before the previous page has time to redirect.

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Right, but it would be nice to be able to only click it once. I've been working around it using the little list of previous pages to go back. – yoozer8 Aug 22 '12 at 15:22
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I no longer experience this bug. If no change was implemented to fix it, it must be confined to non-supported browsers (I no longer use IE8, which I was using when I hit this bug).

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