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This is related, but different.

This is not related, but looks similar.

This is very related, but was closed as a duplicate to the first link above (I believe in error).

When reviewing a low-quality post, I clicked the Recommend Close button and was presented with this message:

Review Error

It turns out I already made that decision prior to processing this review. However, once I click the box, nothing happens. The screen stays on the same review, and I am left with the same options. I could click Not Sure I suppose, but I don't know that any of the options are even close to appropriate.

If the system knows that I've already reviewed a post, and I am proposing the same action as I have previously, then why not let me move on to the next review?

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Given that this is somewhat of an edge case, it doesn't seem like too much trouble to just click "Skip" to continue reviewing.

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