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Seeing a question tagged (15 questions tag) I thought it was a spelling error of tag (213 questions). Checking this I learned that Spyder is an IDE. Despite that Spyder is a name of it's own I would like the tag-name to be similar to the Spyder blog page url. Since to me Spyder looks nothing short of a spelling error. Links. Spyder on wikipedia, Spyder blog. Spyder (Spyderlib) official page - on Google Code.

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No. You just need to hover your mouse over the tag to get a description of it.

I've checked eclipse-ide, emacs-ide, textmate-ide and even spyder-ide. There are no questions tagged with any of those tags.

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My intetion was that a 'spyder-ide' tag would be self-describing. – r4. Aug 23 '12 at 8:15
Functional Qyrus, I think most Emacs users use it as an IDE. With commands for compiling, debugging, running and managing a software project as well as source code control I think it can be best described as an IDE. I don't know much about TextMate, just thought I could include that in my trial as well. – Emil Vikström Aug 23 '12 at 8:20

I don't think renaming that tag is necessary:

  • There's no other thing called "spyder", so there's nothing to confuse it with.
  • None of the 15 questions seem to be misspellings.
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