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I posted a question containing CPU comparison elements and it was closed within minutes as not constructive. I agree that the way it is formulated opens a door to a flame/camp war and that was not my intention. I am genuinely interested in recent benchmarks and personal feedback from people running a setup similar to the one described in the question. I am looking for technical advice about the best CPU for this kind of virtualization setup. I am not looking for a shopping recommendation although it is true I would have to eventually buy said CPU.

What would be the best way to reformulate the question? Should I remove AMD and Intel from the title and question text? Should I put links to the articles I have read so far?

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Your question should focus on how to choose, not what to choose.


Instead of asking:

Q: What’s the best low light point-and-shoot camera?
A: Canon S90 and Lumix LX3.

Ask this instead:

Q: How do I tell which point-and-shoot cameras take good low light photos? 
A: I strongly recommend looking for something with

    a fast lens (2.0 at least)
    reasonable ISO handling (at least 400, but preferably 800)
    the biggest sensor available

The sum of these factors are really critical for low light situations.
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Thanks for the advice, I'll try that! – Technoh Aug 23 '12 at 15:20

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