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I've read this question, so I know why I'm getting pings from the Maths room: I went there.

I was there for a few minutes and then I left, and now I'm getting a bunch of pings because someone else called Matt goes there and people like him.

I'd really like a button I can push to silence pings from certain rooms. I don't chat in the maths room normally, so I'm not missing anything.

Matt in Maths

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His user name probably isn't Matt, is it? Someone else is simply not completing it? Otherwise, he'd be a better match and you wouldn't get the notification. – Daniel Beck Aug 24 '12 at 14:57
It is Matt, I'll pop in a screen grab – Matt Ellen Aug 24 '12 at 15:04
I'm probably not getting pings for direct replies, but I'm certainly getting pings from the other things – Matt Ellen Aug 24 '12 at 15:05
It'll go away eventually if you've left the room. I have no idea how long it takes though; I accidentally popped into an SO chat with another Ben and stopped getting pings within the day but I think that's because I never talked in the room – Ben Brocka Aug 24 '12 at 15:14
I'll wait and see, then @BenBrocka, it is probably a little under a day since I was last in there. A button to hasten the process would be a great addition :) – Matt Ellen Aug 24 '12 at 15:16
So glad there isn't another Yannis around ;) – Yannis Aug 24 '12 at 17:39

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