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I have some doubts regarding my laptop maintenance. Where can I ask such types of question?

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Depends, what's your question exactly about? – Time Traveling Bobby Aug 27 '12 at 7:28
@WaffelizedBobby Its about operating system installation. My laptop is not booting and I am not able re-install new os – Sachin Mhetre Aug 27 '12 at 7:31
That's not maintenance! In that case, as Martjin has said, Super User. But be warned, make it a good question! There are already too many "That thing does not boot, what do I do?" questions over there. – Time Traveling Bobby Aug 27 '12 at 7:32

Ask it on

From the FAQ:

Super User is for computer enthusiasts and power users. If you have a question about …

  • computer hardware
  • computer software
  • personal and home computer networking

Do check out the rest of the FAQ though; keep the question reasonably scoped.

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"Electronic device" is quite a broad term. If it's about trying to find out why your laptop isn't booting, then you can ask on Super User as Martijn Pieters mentions.

If your question is a product recommendation/shopping question(Ex: Which processor should I buy etc) then it's offtopic for Super User and throughout the network.

For starters, have a look some of the booting related questions and search before asking. And mention your problem clearly, not just

laptop not booting, What do?

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