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Moderator deleted my answer here: How to disable ClearType in Visual Studio 2010?

presumably because I duplicated my answer on the duplicate question here: Why does Consolas in Visual Studio look bold?

Actually my answer is more suited to the first question, if you read it, and I find moderator's actions annoying. I duplicated the answer so that the correct answer could be found, as that question (of how to disable ClearType in VS 2010) is a particularly nasty one, and often asked (hence the number of duplicates)

If the duplicate question isn't yet merged, then my duplicate answer (which is the only correct one) should stand.

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Yeah, Bill deleted the wrong one - you posted one of them on a question about VS2005!

I've merged the other two and left your answer on the VS2010 flavor.

Next time, just vote to close and flag rather than posting dups.

BTW: Consolas looks like ass with ClearType turned off.

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Ha ha ha. Well thanks. – bobobobo Aug 30 '12 at 3:40

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