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Today I accidentally created a self referencing synonym ended up crashing that tag's page until I found a way to remove it. My procedure was:

  • Propose that Y map to existing tag X using the standard synonym suggestion interface.

  • Merge X into Y (including checking that box at the bottom) of the moderator tag merging system.

  • Go to the full synonym list and approve the suggested synonym from before, only now it was a self referencing synonym.

  • I and other users then couldn't get to the page /questions/tagged/Y (a redirect loop error).

The issue was resolved when I removed the self referencing tag from the main synonym page.

I know that this isn't likely to happen often, but perhaps something should be in place to prevent it just in case.

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So, really, recursion should be a synonym for recursion. –  Al E. Aug 31 '12 at 2:21
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